National Institute of Mental Health

Angoda, Sri Lanka

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Our admission procedure

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Is it possible for people to just walk in?

Yes. If someone feels they need help they are most welcome to come to the Out-Patient Department (OPD) of the NIMH. In the OPD they will receive a free-of-charge assessment by a specially trained medical officer and a care plan will be formulated. According to the care plan, the client may receive treatment as an in or out-patient.

What happens if the OPD medical officer decides that a person needs admission?

He/she will be admitted to one of the wards of the institute with the care plan. In the ward a separate doctor will review the care plan and it will be put into action. It is the policy of the hospital that all new admissions be seen by the Senior Registrar of the ward and the care plan be discussed with the Consultant Psychiatrist under whose guidance the ward functions within the first 48 hours of admission.

How many patients are admitted every day?

Around 30 patients are admitted on a daily basis

Is there a long wait before a patient is seen by a doctor?

We try to ensure that all patients are seen by a doctor within half hour of arrival of the patient. But depending on the situation, some people may have to wait longer. If any patient needs immediate attention, they will be taken into the Preliminary Care Unit (PCU) and managed.

How long will a client get to explain their problem to the OPD doctor?

We spend about one hour with each patient during the initial assessment. But depending on the situation it may take longer, especially when it becomes necessary to talk to relatives and friends of the client in order to formulate a better care plan.


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