National Institute of Mental Health

Angoda, Sri Lanka

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Since the acute phase of the illness usually settles within 2-3 weeks, the stay in the acute wards is usually limited to around 30 days. If the treating team finds that the patients can be managed in the society he/she will be discharged from the ward.

If that patient needs further treatment, they will be transferred to the intermediate wards. Almost of 99% will settle and discharged from the hospital during this period. If the patient becomes violent and restless again while in the intermediate ward he/she will be transferred back to acute ward and the process will repeat.


 Each ward has a multi-disciplinary team(MDT) consisting of a Consultant Psychiatrist, Senior Registrar, Registrars, Medical Officers, Nurses, Psychiatric Social Workers, Occupational Therapist and supportive staff. Same MDT team treats the patient whether the patient is in acute, intermediate or long-term wards. In addition there are none-fee levying two male wards providing long-term care at NIMH and Female long term-care is provided at the Half Way Home, Mulleriyawa.

There are two fee levying long term unit’s (Villas)-one male and female each at NIMH. Since only limited number of patients can be admitted to these wards there is a long waiting list for admissions.

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