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This section of the site is updated by the NIMH media unit. Our main objective is to monitor and respond to mental health reporting in Sri Lanka. We also proactively promote mental health issues, events and stories at the institute and across the country.

Check back often to see the latest media news articles about mental health in Sri Lanka.

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Also, if you've read, watched or listened to an unethical or inaccurate portrayal of mental illness in the news, please check out our information and examples about how to effectively challenge, protest and respond to the media outlet in question in all three languages:

We're also proud to provide: Working with the media: A guide for Sri Lanka's mental health partners, which provides tips, tools and media contacts to any mental health professional looking for assistance in approaching the media.

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Mental Health and the Media: A handbook for journalists

With the support of our partner VSO and funding from the European Union, we are proud to make this mental health resource available to journalists in all three languages: - October 5, 2015

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05 October

New Mental Health Bill to replace current Mental Health Act

A new Mental Health Bill will soon replace the antiquated and only officially recognized Act on Mental Health enacted in 1892, which is now before the Cabinet Sub Committee for approval.

A national mental health policy too was ready, offering fresh guidelines on services and manpower resources of the NIHM, Health Ministry revealed. The new law and the national policy will together contribute to drastic changes in the present approach to treating mentally ill patients.

One significant change is that patients can hereafter be admitted to any psychiatric unit in the country, unlike at present where involuntary patients can be admitted only to the psychiatric unit of the NIMH at Angoda.

The Act will also look at strengthening long term and interim care units across the island, Health Ministry said.


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