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Mental Health in the News

This section of the site is updated by the NIMH media unit. Our main objective is to monitor and respond to mental health reporting in Sri Lanka. We also proactively promote mental health issues, events and stories at the institute and across the country.

Check back often to see the latest media news articles about mental health in Sri Lanka.

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We're also proud to provide: Working with the media: A guide for Sri Lanka's mental health partners, which provides tips, tools and media contacts to any mental health professional looking for assistance in approaching the media.

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Mental Health and the Media: A handbook for journalists

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Sunday Times Online - February 13, 2013

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Sangakkara supports the cause of Mental Wellbeing

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 Kumar Sangakkara had a booksigning session at the Crescat Mall today. The event was organized by the National Institute of Mental Health as a fund raiser along with the volunteers of Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).

 The book, “Happy? – Expressions of Mental Well-Being”, which he contributed to, and which is centred around various ideas on mental wellness as well as a livelihood project between Halfway Home Mulleriyawa and Amba Tea Estate. All proceeds from the sale of the book get reinvested back into further livelihood/income generation projects for the residents of Mulleriyawa.

Sangakkara has been involveed with mental health projects for the past five years. He is also the brand manager for the Courage Compassion Commitment foundation (CCC) which provides anonymous counselling support.

 “Not enough attention is given to mental wellbeing in Sri lanka,” says Mr. Sangakkara. “We have a dedicated staff but we could still use more. We need more financial or any other support we could possibly get. Mental wellbeing is a crucial aspect that needs more attention from society.”


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