Ethics Review Committee of the NIMH


The Ethics Review Committee (ERC) of the NIMH is a board specialized in reviewing scientific & ethical aspects of research protocols specific to mental health. The ERC of the NIMH has received approval from the Ministry of Health and also a member of the Forum for Ethics Review in Sri Lanka (FERCSL). The ERC is planning to obtain accreditation from the Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review (SIDCER) in 2015/2016.

The ERC is responsible to review research proposals submitted to them for ethical consideration, and to make suggestions on improvement of research protocol in keeping with current ethical standards. 

Each proposal is reviewed in-depth by 3 committee members and the other members review a summary of the proposal. The in-depth reviewers are selected depending on the specialty/area of the research project submitted.

Present Members of the ERC (Tenure - June 2015 to May 2016) :

  1. Prof. Harischandra Gambheera (Consultant Psychiatrist, NIMH)

  2. Dr. D.P.D Wijesinghe    (Consultant Psychiatrist, NIMH)

  3. Dr. Kapila Ranasinghe (Consultant Psychiatrist, NIMH)

  4. Dr. Sagarika Jayathilake (Consultant Physician, National Hospital of Sri Lanka)

  5. Dr. Shehan Williams (Consultant Psychiatrist, Head & Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine ,University of Kelaniya)

  6. Dr. Rasika Perera (Senior Lecturer Department of Biochemistry, University of Sri Jayawardanapura)

  7. Dr. Sajeewana Amarasinghe (Consultant Psychiatrist, Base Hospital - Tangalle)

  8. Dr. Prathiba Mahanawa (Dean - Faculty of Law, Kothalwala Defence University)

  9. Dr. Dulani Samaranayake (Consultant Community Physician/ Senior Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo)

10. Mr. T. Suveendran (National Professional Officer, World Health Organization, Sri Lanka)

11. Mr. D. Casie Chetty (Ex-diplomat & Executive Director of the South Asia Policy and Research Institute)

12. Ms. Punya Perera (Senior Psychiatric Social Worker)

13.  Dr. Chamila Abeywickrema (MO, Research & Training Units, NIMH)

14. Dr. Vindya Kumarapeli (Deputy Director, NIMH)

15. Dr. Jayan Mendis (Director, NIMH)

Current Chairperson – Prof. Harischandra Gambheera 

Current Secretary - Dr. Chamila Abeywickrama 



Application forms can be downloaded below from NIMH website

 An Application to the ERC should consist of the following documents: 

1.    Application Form - Two (2) hard copies

2.    Research Proposal (Protocol) – 17 copies

Applicants have the option of submitting:

·         Seventeen (17) hard copies of the detailed proposal


·         Four (4) hard copies of the detailed proposal and thirteen (13) copies of a single paged summary

3.   Each detailed proposal should contain copies of the following documents in all three local languages (where relevant)

a.    Participant Information Sheet

b.    Consent Form

c.    Questionnaires

d.    Assent Form

e.    Advertisement for Recruitment

4.    CV of the Principal Investigator

5.    Soft Copy of all documents in PDF format (CD/DVD)

For Postgraduate Researches only:

6.    Letter of approval from Board of Study

7.    Letter from supervisor


For researches done for academic purposes (Postgraduate or Undergraduate)

Please Note:


All applicants who are successful in obtaining Ethical Approval from the ERC-NIMH, should submit a progress report or a final report to the ERC within one year of the date of approval.


Deadline for submission

ERC Meeting Date




















Application Form for Ethics Review

Checklist of documents to be submitted with application

Guidelines for the format of research protocol to be submitted

Guidelines and Application Form for Research Allowance

Research Allowance Application

 If you need any assistance or guidance in conducting research on mental health please contact the Secretary of the ERC.  

Following research topics have been reviewed by the ERC of NIMH:

1. Patient Characteristics & Satisfaction of the Services Provided among patients admitted to national Institute of Mental Health

2. A Survey about Substance Use among Mentally Ill Patients in Unit Six-NIMH

3. A Survey about Valproate  Induced Thrombocytopenia in Mentally ill Patients-NIMH

4. Observational study on Pathways to Care of Patients Prescribing to NIMH for the First Time

5. Observational study about clinical effectiveness of Risperidone in the treatment of Schizophrenia

6. Descriptive Cross Sectional Study on the Post-Discharge Follow- up and concordance with Treatment Plan of Patients

7. Pattern of behavioral and psychological symptoms in patient with dementia presenting to mental health facilities in Sri Lanka

8. Relationship between occupational practitioners with re-admission rate among schizophrenic patients in NIMH- Angoda

9. Caregivers’ awareness of occupational factors that can impact on recovery of people with schizophrenia

10. Angoda - Mulleriyawa Rehabilitation Plan and Its Impact on the Patients

11. Perception of Mentally III Patients Regarding Environment in Occupational Therapy Department in NIMH

12. Relationship between participated Occupational Therapy activities & hospitalized time duration of schizophrenic patients in NIMH

13. Drug Induced Thrombocytopenia; Experience at the National institute of Mental Health, Sri Lanka

14. Reason for Drugs Non Compliance of Psychiatric Patients in NIMH

15. Evidence Base Practice of Nursing in Sri Lanka ; Nurses’ Perspective

16. Validation of Sexual Functioning Questionnaire for Sinhala among Male & Female Inpatients of a Psychiatric Care Unit.

17. Assessment of the adherence of patients to the mood stabilizers medication, the side effects experienced, their knowledge on prescribed medication, impact of side effects to adherence and population pharmacokinetics model development"

18. Socio-demographic and clinical Characteristics of the patients attended with Psychiatric emergencies to the outpatients department of National Institute of Mental Health

19. Evaluation of structure and content of Forensic Psychiatric Reports at Forensic Psychiatric unit, National Institute of Mental Health

20. A cross sectional study to identify risk factors of physically violent behaviour among acute psychiatric inpatients

21. Diagnostic coding & drug treatment for people with Intellectual disability, mental health problems and/ or challenging behaviour- a baseline audit

22. Effects on mental illness on family

23. Contribution of aesthetic subjects for the physical and mental behaviour of mentally disordered people

24. Perception of disaster risk of a mental health institution by its staff and associated factors

25. Identify reasons for the reluctance of the family to take Psychiatric Patients.

26. A Study on Surviving Domestic Violence on Male and Female Mentally Ill patients

27. Prevalence of latent Tuberculosis among long- term mentally ill Patients in state residential care: A single centre experience

28. “HITS” A domestic violence screening  tool for use in the community: Translating and Validating to Sinhalese Language

29. Season of birth and later development of Schizophrenia in Sri Lanka

30. A Psychological study regarding the manner in which the cured mental patients are socialize

31. Socio-demographic and clinical variables of patients requiring Electro Convulsive therapy (E.C.T.) cycles

32. Development of mental health first aid guidelines for helping a suicidal person in Sri Lanka: Delphi Study

33. Re- Thinking Mental health

34. Personality traits in teenage pregnant mothers in Moratuwa & Dehiwala Medical Officer of Health (MOH) areas

35. A study on the Stage of Surviving Domestic Violence in male &female Domestic Violence Survivors at6 NIMH, Sri Lanka

36. A Study on the attitudes of the health staff to wards mentally ill persons at National Institute of Mental Health

37. A Sociological study of social isolation due to mental illness

38. Common life events and their associations with relapse of disease among patients with Schizophrenia

39. Violence against women in Sri Lanka

40. Naturalistic study of patients with acute mania: outcome at two weeks

41. Psychiatric Disorders in Sri Lankan Female offenders in a Forensic Psychiatry setting

42. Analysis in to Reporting of suicide in Sri Lankan newspapers

43. Oral health status and associated factors in hospitalized psychiatric in Colombo district

44. A Study on the psycho social problems faced by the family members of Dementia patient (A Study area at NIMH – Angoda)

45. The Study on the Effectiveness of psycho – education for schizophrenic patients and their families at national Institute of Mental Health.

46. Co-morbidities and other associated factors among patients with schizophrenia admitted to National Institute of Mental Health.

47. Satisfaction of the services provided among patients    admitted to the National Institute of Mental Health.

48. Satisfaction of the services provided and the facilities to fulfil basic needs among patients admitted to the National Institute of Mental Health and their relatives.

49. Validating the Five Facet  Mindfulness Questionnaire in a Sri Lankan Population

50. A clinical audit on identifying causes for long hospital stay in patients at National Institute of Mental Health Sri Lanka

51. Physical injuries among patients, on admission to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

52. Impairment in social functioning in patients with schizophrenia presenting to a tertiary psychiatric admission facility (NIMH Sri Lanka); a descriptive cross sectional study

53. Resilience at work, its correlates and association with work performance among Nursing Officers at government hospitals in the District of Colombo

54. Suicide among inpatients in a tertiary care psychiatric hospital in Sri Lanka

55. Prevalence of tobacco smoking among patients with psychiatric illnesses at National Institute of Mental Health

56. Prevalence and associated factors of work related stress among clinical staff working in psychiatric inward facilities, in the district of Colombo

57. A qualitative study on the experiences of mental health services by the family members of relatives of mentally ill patients in Sri Lanka

58. The prevalence of anxiety and depression amongst patients undergoing Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy for upper gastro intestinal symptoms at surgical professorial unit of Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya

59. Challenges faced by Mental Health Social Workers at National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): A Psychosocial study on problems encountered by Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW) at NIMH


Contact the Secretary of the ERC:

Phone: 0112578234-7   Ext. : 297/212

E - mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fax: 0112578238